What an exciting build this one has been with the use of a crane to build a 7 x 4 swimming pool in Elanora. Quite often we hear people say they can not have a swimming pool built because of access issues. This should not be an area of concern, nor should it prevent you from having your dream swimming pool in Elanora or the surrounding Gold Coast suburbs.

As you can see by the video below, we are making these homeowners dream a reality. There have been perceived limitations given that the access is only 700mm. On one side of the hose there is a rock wall, whilst the other side has rainwater tanks, hot water units, and air conditioning units. Some might say, why not just remove the units to get through? Yes, this is quite the possibility. However, given we knew we would be faced with rock, if we use a small machine it will take longer and cost more in time. Craning in a much larger 4t excavator has enabled us to better manage the rock situation and therefore, becoming a more cost effective solution. The larger machine enables us to better dig through the rock much quicker than that of a small machine. Yes, this customer will pay for a crane, but when you compare the 2 options between a micro excavator or a crane with a larger excavator it works out about the same. It also ensures no risk of damage to the side of the house or any of the utilities. Furthermore, the skip bin used to crane the dirt in and out has also kept the job site nice and tidy!

What ever the situation, count on Bali Pool Builders Gold Coast! Our experience enables for practical and cost-effective solutions. Get in touch with our team today for an obligation free quote.

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