Are you considering tiling you swimming pool interior?

Our team of gold coast pool builders love the unique designs and tile selections chosen by our customers! Tiling a pool has often considered to be a premium finish for a swimming pool at any size. A quality tiled pool or a custom tiling job is often valued for its appearance as well as its ability to stand up during the long term. Tiled swimming pools are considered easier to clean than most cement-based pools and they can be far more striking for appearance as well. – An oasis and luxury retreat like no other.

A tiled pool interior will often require less maintenance and cleaning when compared to other types of pools. They can be a slightly larger investment up front, but they are often considered beneficial because they can save you time and money in cleaning costs throughout their lifespan.

The main types of interior tiles that can be used in a swimming pool design are glass and ceramic. Mosaic tiles are some of the most stylistic choices for your pool because they can be made to suit almost any pool design.

The most traditional forms of tiled swimming pools often come with ceramic mosaic tiles. These are the types of tiles that you can enjoy over generations given the stylish yet modern finish they provide. Our pool tillers love working on fully tiled pool interiors as they love sitting back and enjoying the creative, yet unique finishes each pool offers. 

Glass tiles are still quite new in the industry, and they have made their way into pools, spas and water features over the past decade. Because they are produced using glass, they do not contain the same pits and pores that a ceramic tile would. The people installing these tiles will often have to add special adhesives to make sure that they stick inside the shell of the pool. A glass mosaic pattern is often a bit more expensive because the process can be more labour intensive but there are many more styles and effects with this type of tile because they can have some reflection in pearl and crystal styles. Our main supplier, 3D stone tile and pavers offer an extensive range of pool tiles to choose from – check out their range of mosaic and coping tiles.

Swimming Pool Design Inspiration

Should you tile up to the waterline?

As an aesthetic touch, waterline tiles can be a wonderful inclusion for your pool. The waterline tiles can help you contrast the colour of your pool with the surroundings and make sure that the interior of the pool reflects that of a luxury oasis. Waterline tiles can be perfect for keeping your pool from looking washed out.

The added advantage from a cleaning perspective is your waterline cleaning can also be easier with these tiles in place.

Let’s start building your tiled swimming pool!

Selecting your pool tiles is no easy thing, but we will help make this a hassle-free experience. If you are interested in the premium finish of fully tiling your swimming pool, contact Bali Pools, your premium pool builder today to learn more. We can set you up with a variety of tile designs to suit your pool and style.