Water Features


Design your stunning custom water feature with Bali Pools.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere to soothe your senses, something to reflect your garden’s beauty or a cascading wall of water, Bali Pools has the perfect water feature for you. Our team of experts will work with you to achieve the result you desire.

Water features are a stunning focal point that can be designed to impress! Here at Bali Pool we can custom design any type and style of water feature. For example, it could be something ornamental you are looking for? Or even something simplistic. For example, maybe you are after a whale with a spout? What about a Buddha themed water feature? Or how about a simplistic stacked stone water feature? Whatever your requirements are, let your imagination run wild. Our team will do the hard working in making your dream water feature a reality.


Pool water features, like waterfalls, fountain bubblers, water slides and deck jets are increasingly becoming a common feature in backyard swimming pools as more homeowners catch on to their benefits.

Some of these include:


Water features add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a pool and the surrounding landscape.


The tranquil whispers of cascading water as it cuts through the air and crashes into rocks and the pool below is considered to be very stimulating and relaxing.


Water features provide a richer play experience especially for families. If you’re looking to create an amusement park experience for your kids and teenagers adding a water feature will certainly do the trick.


YES! You can have a water feature added to your existing pool.

Though it can be challenging to include the pipes and other elements, highly experienced pool builders should be able to pull it off without much hassle.

Swimming pool water features can be added to any pool type or design. Infinity edge poolslap poolsplunge poolsconcrete pools, geometric pools, and free form pools, can have a water feature built that emphasises their beauty and provides homeowners with the visual and therapeutic benefits.

Of course, the pool water feature should be proportional to the yard and the pool itself. Too small and it might not create the desired effect. Too large and it will dominate a significant chunk of space meant for use.

In this sense, different pools accommodate different features. If you’d like a certain water feature that doesn’t compliment your pool, the experts at Bali Pools will be able to guide you with other solutions that will satisfy your desired effect.


These are separate water areas from your pool with an added heater. A spillover spa will blend with your pool area. Often when used as a water feature, the spa will be raised so that water can seamlessly flow over the edge and into the swimming pool. When designing your spa like water feature consider other options like heating for all year round swimming. This can give you the best of both worlds in both summer and winter.  

This is one of the most luxurious and requested forms of water features on the Gold Coast pools we build. The water flow in a waterfall can be customised by adding new rocks or sending water tumbling over a delicate sheet of rocks. Waterfalls can be an artistic touch for your pool that adds that ‘wow’ element as a focal point from all angles of your backyard.

Seen in many hotels and resorts, a curtain water fall will build a thin sheet of water that overhangs a rock wall. In some cases it can overhang via a custom built frame. Whatever you requirements, a curtain wall water feature could transition into a cave area or simply pour out of an overhang to give you a beautifully shining waterfall for your home.

Deck jets are installed into your decking or coping tiles, sometimes with coloured lights to shoot out a small stream of water into the pool area. They can come with a series of interchangeable nozzles to direct the flow and stream. They can be height adjusted by changing the pressure of the jet which we can help you achieve this a simple valve. Deck jests are a much more cost effective solution than that of your standard water feature enabling those wanting a cost effective solution to enjoy the relaxing sound of water trickling.

These small jets can be installed in the shallow end of your pool to shoot streams of water and create a rippling effect along the top of the water. Bubblers have really advanced over the years with the incorporation of lights to really enhance your swimming pool at night. Check out Pentair’s Bubbler with LED lights.



Adding water features to your existing pool involves a deep and comprehensive understanding of a pool’s pump system, drainage, mechanics, filtration and masonry.

In order to ensure the water feature construction goes smoothly and works seamlessly you need a company that has mastered how these different facets operate and mesh together.  This is where we come in.

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