Spas & Jacuzzis


Looking for a way to relax and add a dash of style and ambiance to your pool or entertaining area? Then a spa or jacuzzi just might be what you’re after! And if you want it heated, we have you covered with varias spa and pool heating solutions. 

A spa, sometimes referred to as Jacuzzi, is a small pool equipped with strong jets that either shoot hot air or water from within its body.

This is a feature that is built to produce a more stimulating effect on the body while lounging. Because of this feature, pool spas are also sometimes referred to as whirlpools.


Water Jets 

Pool spas with water jets provide a more effective water massage compared to those with air jets since the pressure from the water jets is much greater. In addition, the water ports can be built in certain locations to target particular body parts such as the back and neck for maximum relaxation.

Air Jets  

Spas built with air jets pump air bubbles through small ports to keep the water moving for a relaxing effect. If you’re looking for a deep body water massage, perhaps due to a medical condition, this spa might prove to be unsatisfactory. However, it is a popular choice for many who just want to be lulled into total bliss by the soothing sensation created by the warm air pressure as it hits their skin.


Some reasons to get a spa include:

Stress relief

A home spa provides a cozy getaway after work.

Health and wellness

The hot water provides relief for joints and lowers blood pressure.

Family time

It provides an interactive spot for family conversations and bonding.


You can enjoy all the benefits of a spa, with or without a pool and one can be designed even if you have a small area to work with. When it comes to spa designs, the only limitations are your budget and imagination. Keep in mind this applies only to concrete spas since concrete is highly versatile. Spas made from other materials may not accommodate certain designs.


YES! If you already have a pool in your backyard you can also include a spa provided there are no physical limitations. Best of all, it won’t cost you much to maintain both.

Experienced pool specialists can join the spa to the pool’s circulation system to minimise water consumption. The spa can also be positioned adjacent the pool for quick transitioning between the pool’s cold and the spa’s warm water for anyone who enjoys alternating between the two.

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