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If you are going to invest in a new swimming pool than pool heating will give you the best value for all year round swimming. 

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One of the many services we offer is pool heating. We always offer this as an option when designing swimming pools to help our customers make an informed decision when thinking of the overall design and long term use of their swimming pool. We believe that if you’re going to invest in a pool, investing in pool heating will ensure you have wither an extended swimming season or all year round swimming. This will enable you to take advantage of your investment more often. When it comes to pool heating there are a number of options available on the market which we have included below.


There are a number of ways you can heat your swimming pool by harnessing the sun. This includes traditional solar panels to provide energy to your heat pump, or the rubber strip system. The rubber strip / tube system is the most commonly used which is installed on the roof of your house. How does the rubber system work? Water is pumped from the pool into the rubber system which is heated by the sun, This means that as water flows through the rubber system it’s being heated before being returned back into your swimming pool. Whilst providing a cost effective installation, the disadvantage of the rubber strip system is that it will generally only extend your swim season by a month either side.


Electric pool heaters are the most commonly used on the swimming pools we build in Hope Island and surrounding Gold Coast suburbs. Electric pool heating is a lot more energy efficient thanks to industry enhancements. It’s also a lot more cost effective due to the increase in competition amongst manufactures. Here at Hope Island Pools we will help guide your through the specifications of the electric heat pumps we offer to help you make an informed decision around what works for you.


Gas heaters are more common in the colder southern states, but our team here at Hope Island Pools have installed many gas heaters. Most commonly gas heaters are connected to your natural gas system and controlled by a thermostat to maintain that ideal water temperature. As with the electric pool heating, our team will walk you through all of the specifications to help you make an informed decision around whether or not a gas heater will work with your specific requirements.


Adding a pool blanket or cover to your swimming pool is a must have for any heated pool. The benefits are that pool blankets will retain the heat when your swimming pool is not being used, thus requiring less energy to heat the pool.

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If you are going to invest in a new swimming pool than pool heating will give you the best value for all year round swimming. 

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