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Do you and your family enjoy having an exercise swim from time to time, but you just can’t seem to find the perfect pool to build that will accommodate your hobby?   

Or have a skinny or narrow block or designated area that you would like a pool to compliment your home?  

A lap pool is exactly what you need.

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What is a lap pool?  

Lap pools are pools that are built for fitness and leisure. They are typically rectangular in shape and tend to be long and narrow.     

On average the dimensions of a lap pool are: length, around 14 metres, width, 2.5 metres and the depth, about 1.5 metres.      

The length ensures you have adequate space to get a good swim without doing too many turns, while the depth ensures you’re not in danger of scraping the bottom with your fingers. The width generally caters to only one person but can be extended by several feet to accommodate a swimming partner.      

That said; there are no restrictions whatsoever pertaining to size. Depending on your space and budget you can have a much larger pool if you choose to do so.  

Benefits of Lap Pools  


Lap pools provide an excellent alternative to the gym. The repetitive motions involved in swimming help burn calories, tone muscles and improve one’s overall fitness.  

Super convenient

Due to their thin and narrow layout, lap pools can be built on spaces that normally would not accommodate other pools. In some instances, they don’t even have to be built into the ground. They can be built on top of a deck!  

Budget friendly

They tend to cost less than traditional inground pools since they utilise a much smaller space.  

Although, traditionally, lap tools are rectangular in shape, they can be built to conform to other shapes or configurations.

If you’d like to give the pool an entertaining aspect as well, a jacuzzi, or spa can be combined with the pool as a rectangular extension with a separating wall between the two to ensure each function independently.  

You can also choose to make the pool more visually appealing by transforming it into an infinity edge lap pool. This is an exaggerated lap pool that creates the illusion of water vanishing over the pool’s edge. This is an effect that is very popular in Gold Coast and Northern Rivers homes.

Why Bali Pools?

Bali Pools is a one-stop swimming pool construction company. We are a team of specialised and highly experienced pool experts providing services to residents in the Gold Coast area and Northern Rivers of NSW.      

We design and construct all types of pools including spas and water features.  

As part of our service, we use swimming pool 3D design software to create fully interactive and customised designs. As a client, we will walk you virtually through your new pool so you can have a detailed overview of the final product and make any modifications you see fit. You’ll feel as though you’re in your own backyard instead of just looking at a picture!

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