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Your Frequently Asked Pool Construction Questions

Our pool construction team offer a guided approach to building your new swimming pool through a hassle-free experience where communication is at the forefront. We understand that building a new swimming pool can be daunting. but it doesn’t need to be with Bali Pools. However, for peace of mind we have put together some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions. 

How long does it take to build a concrete swimming pool?

Concrete pool construction itself normally takes no more than 6 weeks for simplistic swimming pool designs. However, for those larger swimming pool projects with landscaping, retaining walls, and fencing, you can expect it to take a little longer. When we provide you choose to engage with Bali Pools our team will provide you with a timeline..

What type of concrete is used to build a concrete swimming pool?

We use 32mpa concrete supplied by Nucon Concrete. 32mpa concrete is used to maintain strength for high volume / traffic areas to ensure the integrity of the structure.

Can i change or add elements to my swimming pool during construction?

We encourage our customers to think about any features they’d like to add or remove and we will accommodate where possible during the construction process. We will provide you with opportunities throughout to do so. For example, on completion of the excavation and before the concrete stage we can review your pool concept and support you with any additions such as extra steps.

Can I choose what tiles I want for my swimming pool?

Yes, you certainly can! Our team are the best pool builders Gold Coast has on offer when it comes to the flexibility in tile choice. The sky is the limit! 

Will you manage my pool construction?

On inception our team will provide you with a dedicated Site Supervisor. The Site Supervisor is responsible for bringing your overall pool design to life through a hassle-free experience where communication is at the forefront. Our Site Supervisor works closely with the design and sales teams in understanding your overall design.

Before we commence works you can expect that your Site Supervisor will run through all of your design and requirements. This is a great opportunity for you to make any last minute design changes before the dig occurs.

What area do you service?

We have 2 teams located in Brisbane, and Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast team also service the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Our Service Area Map.

Do you provide pool lighting solutions?

Yes, we have a range of swimming pool lighting solutions to suit your key requirements. This can include not only underwater lighting, but also surround lighting such as garden lights and deck lighting. – Talk to our design team about your lighting requirements today!


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