Difficult Shaped Blocks Pool Builder

Do you own a house on an irregular, odd shaped block and would like to have a swimming pool built?

Whether your home is located on a steep hill, or you have a small property that is difficult to access, we at Bali Pools can help you realise your dream of owning a pool.

Difficult shaped blocks for building a pool in the Northern Rivers
Custom pool builder Gold Coast
Building a pool on a difficult shaped block on the Gold Coast

Odd shaped block with no apparent access

If your home is on a narrow block that is difficult for machinery to access, Bali Pools professionals can develop an out of the box strategy to get you exactly what you want.

Small plots with boundary issues

If you have a skinny block that a standard pool won’t fit we will design a custom pool of your choice to suit your backyard and property.  

Steep blocks

As highly experienced custom pool builders we can build any pool or spa on a steep block as well as construct any accompanying water features you may want included.

Underground pipework

Is your property on a narrow block with storm pipes running through the yard?

No problem.

Depending on the type of pool you want we can easily navigate through the maze of pipes on your block to create a beautiful pool that complements your setting.

In some cases, with the council approval, we can change the pipes to make the process much simpler.  

Types of Pools

Regardless of your property’s terrain we can build just about every type of pool available. Some of the most popular for difficult shaped blocks include:  

Infinity pools

They complement steep blocks since the terrain makes it easier to create the vanishing effect.

Lap pools

They are suitable for skinny blocks where space is limited.

Plunge pools

Like lap pools, they take up a small space and are ideally suited for skinny irregular blocks.  

Free form pools

They are usually preferred in areas with irregular but lush landscape since they have a camouflage effect and give the pool a symmetrical look.

About Bali Pools

We are a top tier custom pool builder company operating in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers of NSW area. Having amassed over 25 year’s experience in this field we have the know-how to tackle just about any pool project presented to us.  

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible product at all times. To fully meet client expectations, we use the latest 3D imaging software to capture all requested client pool specifications. Our software enables us to take our clients on a virtual tour of their backyard and pool to ensure the finish is to their liking.

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