Are you deciding what to choose between Concrete and Fibreglass?

Bali Pools are the leading builders of concrete pools on the Gold Coast. Our team has pride in designing and building concrete pools that exceed customer expectations. With Bali Pools we build every type of concrete pool. Whether you are after that tropical feel, a natural lagoon style pool, a grand statement, or a small plunge pool to cool off, we have you covered! The beauty of being a concrete pool builder on the Gold Coast is that we can cater to all style of pools given the flexibility that concrete offers over fibreglass.

Deciding on a concrete or fibreglass pool can be challenging in that both have pros and cons. Below we have provided an insight into the pros and cons of both fibreglass and concrete. This will enable you to make an informed decision.


Adaptability – Given that concrete is adaptable and easily shapeable this makes it a suitable option to fit in any sized backyard. You have complete control over the size and depth of a concrete pool. Therefore, you can have a small plunge style pool for a small backyard, to a large lagoon style pool on an acreage property.

Strength and Durability – Concrete is a very strong long-lasting material that withstands the various conditions that mother nature throws at it. Furthermore, a concrete pool is less impacted to earth movement. The strength is thanks to not only the concrete, but also the steel reinforcement to bind the structure.

Functionality – One of the best pros to a concrete pool is the ability to alter the plumbing to suit the needs of the homeowner. For example, you can choose how many jets you want and where you want them. You can also choose where you want to put your water feature, and design it to suit the style pool. Furthermore, you have the ability to add multiple different lights in different locations of the pool to create that perfect statement piece as night falls.

Tiled Pool – Yes, that’s right! If you choose to opt for a fully tiled pool you can easily add tiles to the interior of a concrete pool.

Time – Concrete pools will generally take a little longer to build than a fibreglass pool. However, the pros in having a concrete pool that is adaptable and custom built outweighs this cons.


Pool Broker has done it really well in answering all of the common questions people have around fibreglass swimming pools to help you navigate the pros and cons.

Adaptability – Fibreglass pools are a suitable option if you are living in an environment where the ground may be unsuitable for a concrete pool. However, this being said the cons outweigh the pros here.

Strength and Durability – If your fibreglass pool is not full of water it can become susceptible to movement and lose of shape. When in sandy or unstable soil, fibreglass can be moved by the forces of mother nature given the structure is lightweight.

Functionality – Fibreglass pools are less flexible in terms of options than that of a concrete pool. For example, you are limited with the amount of jets you can have and where these can be placed. The limitation also extends to the size, depth, shape, and style which is limited by the fibreglass pool builders range made available.

Time – Fibreglass swimming pools will take less time to build. However, this time reduction is minimal in comparison to concrete.

Most homeowners on the Gold Coast tend to opt for concrete pools purely based on the adaptability and the freedom in being able to choose any size, style and shaped to suit any backyard. Bali Pools recommend any homeowner considering a new pool to do thorough research before deciding. This way you can make an informed decision in which you are happy with.

Bali Pools are an award-winning Gold Coast concrete pool builder. Our team have experience in working with both concrete and fibreglass, therefore we can help you make an informed decision. Get in touch with our team today on 07 5576 0900 or contact via our contact form here.

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