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If you're considering having a swimming pool built, you'll have to make a choice on the best material to use for the coping, the pool deck, the waterline, and the interior of the pool.

Most custom pool builders will offer you a choice between concrete, fiberglass and vinyl.

While each of these materials has its own pros and cons and can be used to attain a certain desired outcome, concrete has proven to be the material of choice for the vast majority of homeowners and professionals looking to have a pool built.

Regardless of the pool's style and design, whether it's a geometric, luxury, free form, lap pool, plunge pool. Concrete is considered the best choice for a variety of reasons.

The Pros of Concrete Pools

The main benefits of having a concrete pool boil down to appearance, durability and design flexibility.

Design flexibility

Concrete can easily be molded to form a pool of any size or configuration. This can also include any custom free-form designs that you may have envisioned plus any additional features. Additionally, using concrete for construction can support the inclusion of a water feature or spas, next to the pool or down the road when needed.


Are you looking for that classic pool appearance that gives off an aura of a tropical resort? Concrete will deliver.

Concrete also comes with numerous versatile designs, layouts and surface finishes e.g. tiles, pebbles that will add to your pool's aesthetics.


Concrete is very tough, highly resistant to water, chlorine, and any other possible salts that may be present in the water. This makes concrete very durable.

If you want your custom concrete pool to be around for a very long time, while requiring only basic maintenance work, concrete is the best way to go.