5 Tips for choosing the right Gold Coast Pool Builders

It often a difficult decision to make in choosing the perfect company when you have many quotes from multiple Gold Coast pool builders. After all it’s a huge investment and you want to ensure you are provided with value for money. In terms of value for money you want to have that peace of mind knowing that the pool builder you choose provides nothing short of quality, a hassle-free experience, and above all a final finish that exceeds your expectations. In this article we would like to share with you 5 of the best tips when considering the best Gold Coast pool company.


Tip 1: QBCC

Complete a thorough investigation of the business through QBCC’s licence search tool to ensure the pool builder you choose is licenced to carry out the works you require. You can do this yourself by searching the business name or licence number on the QBCC licence history tool. Here you will see any directives given to the company along with any defects issued against the company. This should be a paramount step above all in your decision making.


Tip 2: ABN search

Ensure you do an ABN search on the company quoting. You can do this for free through the Australian Business Register. Here you should be checking that the business is registered. Bali Pools also recommend that you match the ABN details against the QBCC licence to ensure the company building your pool are who they say they are.


Tip 3: Reviews

It’s important to do your research and search for reviews and testimonials on the pool company you are considering. Reviews speak for themselves and provide you with an insight into people’s dealing with that builder. Sites such as Google, True Local, Yellow Pages, and Word of Mouth are just a few business listings where reviews cannot be removed, manipulated, or altered. Therefore, providing you with the peace of mind that what you see is a true and accurate review of that business. Also ask your pool builder if there are any previous customers they can put you in touch with to walk you through not only their firsthand experience, but also the process of the pool build.


Tip 4: Industry Memberships

Bali Pools recommend that you choose a builder that is registered with a leading industry body such as SPASA. The likes of SPASA only allow reputable pool builders to be members and ensure that their pool builder members are adhering to industry leading standards and obligations. SPASA can also provide you with support and guidance around contractual obligations and minimum industry standards and legislative requirements for swimming pool construction.


Tip 5: Contracts

Read your contract thoroughly so you understand what you are getting. This is an important step to ensuring there are no hidden costs and all of your quoted design and finishes are included in the scope of works under the contracts terms. Also confirm that the contracts are that of an industry leading body like SPASA.


Whilst these are the 5 main tips in choosing the right Gold Coast pool builders for your job, we also recommend that once you choose the right builder you obtain crucial documentation. This documentation includes a copy of your contract, QBCC fact sheet, QBCC Home Warranty Insurance Policy, Engineering, Certified Plans, and the finals which your builder should provide you before you make your final payment.

Here at Bali Pools we believe in being transparent with our customers which contributes to our superior customer experience. If you have any questions please contact our team on 07 5576 0900.


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