Bring Your Swimming Pool To Life With Tiles


Your Tile Options Are Limitless!

Tiling your pool is a great way to achieve a beautiful finish and really bring it to life.  Not only do tiles make your pool more aesthetically pleasing, they can increase the lifespan of your pool and save you time as they require less maintenance than the standard fibreglass or concrete pool interior.  Pool tiles are manufactured specifically to resist heat, water and chemicals and their smooth surfaces make them much easier to clean. 

Here at Bali Pools our team are the best pool builders Gold Coast has on offer when it comes to making the whole tile selection process easy. This is thanks to our friends at 3D Stone, Tiles, and Pavers who will attend your home and guide you through all available options. The beauty of this in home selection is that you can place the tiles around your backyard and visualise what they will look like in the space.

When considering how you can use pool tiles to bring your pool to life, there are a number of different tiling areas you can include.

Pool Coping Tiles

No swimming pool is complete without pool coping tiles. The most common materials used are granite, sandstone, travertine, porcelain, or natural stone.  Natural stone tends to be the most popular option as every tile is unique, the style is classic and will never date.  Porcelain is another popular choice for this area as it’s a nice solid, durable material that is easy to install and clean. – One of the most trending coping tiles on the Gold Coast right now! Whichever material you decide, it’s important to consider the surrounding paving, garden and outdoor features to select the right colours for your home.      

Mosaic Waterline Tiles

This is the band of tiles that run around the water’s surface.  They are normally placed from the very top of your pool to around 150mm – 300mm deep and are used to ‘finish’ the look of a pool and also make cleaning the surface area much easier.  Mosaic tiling for this area is most common and tiles available in either ceramic or glass materials.  Ceramic tiles are the traditional option as they are very durable, have been around for centuries and are quick and easy to install.  Glass tiles have recently become more popular as they are available in a huge variety of colours and styles making it easier to select the perfect tiles to suit your outdoor area.

Tiled Skimmer Lids


Pool skimmers are designed to draw in the water from the surface surrounding your pool into the filtration system.  Unfortunately skimmer lids are not the most attractive feature of a pool and so fitting them with tiles, stone or concrete is a great way to blend them in with the surroundings.  Using a stainless steel frame will protect the coping from any breakage when the lid is opened or closed.

Tiled Water Feature 

Water features usually refer to fountains, bubblers and waterfalls however you can really choose anything in or around your pool to be your water feature.  Highlighting a staircase, tanning deck or bar is easy to do with the right tiling and is a perfect way to add character to your pool.  Mosaic or stone tiles are both popular options here and can look beautiful blending with the rest of your pool tiles, or even contrasting to really make the water feature ‘pop’.  



Contact us at Bali Pools so that we can help you select the right tiling to bring your pool to life.

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