One of the latest trends for new swimming pool owners is to have that chlorine-free freshwater swimming experience. Quite simply put this is due to our desire to lead a healthier lifestyle! Our team are the best pool builders Gold Coast has on offer when it comes to providing you with options. That’s right! We aren’t one of those pool builders that limits you to the one brand chlorinator. We will work with you to choose the best water sanitation system to suit your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Introducing the Oxygen Minerale

This is the most common Mineral system used by pool builders on the Gold Coast because it’s not only backed by a 4-year warranty and designed to outlast. In fact, the Purapool Oxygen Minerale can withstand high pool usage that comes with living on the sunny Gold Coast. – What’s even better to know is that the Purapool Oxygen Mineral is manufactured right here on the Gold Coast!

Benefits of the Purapool Oxygen minerale

Trusted by athletes and those looking to relax their muscles you can’t go past the benefits of the Purapool Oxygen Minerale! We have outlined just a few below.

  • No chlorine smell or taste
  • No sore eyes or irritated skin
  • Provides the body with energy
  • Relieves tired muscles
  • Promotes healing
  • Calms the mind

Features of the Purapool Oxygen Minerale

The Purapool Oxygen Mineral comes packed with features to provide you with the ultimate freshwater / mineral pool swimming experience. We have listed some of these so you can see the true value you get with this system. 

  • Energy efficient
  • Aut de-scale
  • High Calcium mode
  • Exclusive PDCS controller
  • Oxygen production membrane
  • Cover / Indoor mode
  • Surge protection

What’s even better is that unlike other mineral systems in the pool industry, the Purapool Oxygen Minerale is super easy to operate. And don’t worry! If you choose to opt for this system in the Purapool range we will walk you through how to test your swimming pools water!

Oxygen Minerale Brochure

Purapool Oxygen Minerale

Ready for your Gold Coast mineral pool?

Say goodbye to harmful carcinogens that can come with chlorinated pools! Let us build your perfect mineral pool.

Talk to our team for more on the Purapool range and how you can have the best mineral pool experience. We’d love to hear from you!