An above ground pool is a swimming pool that sits on top of the ground. However, it’s not unusual to have a pool that is partially in-ground and above ground. For example, on a sloping block one end of the pool will sit in the ground whilst the other end will sit above the ground.

The Gold Coast is known for its diverse landscapes with sloping backyards. Sloping blocks can often be a turn off to those looking to build a new pool, but it shouldn’t be. As a leading builder of above ground pools on the Gold Coast, Bali Pools can build an array of above ground pools and customise them to suit the look and feel you are after. Infinity pools are a perfect example of how an above ground pool can be incorporated to create that backyard oasis on a sloping block.

Why choose an above ground pool? Sloping blocks are usually a wasted unusable space! Why not make it a usable part of your backyard by incorporating an above ground pool with surrounding tiles or decking? This may also increase the value of your home with the new usable space!

The beauty of concrete above ground pools on the Gold Coast is that you chose your shape, size, and style that you want to adapt it to your individual needs.


Do you need council approval to have an above ground pool?

Yes, like an inground pool you do need council approvals for an above ground pool on the Gold Coast, and Northern New South Wales.

Do you need to have a pool fence around an above ground pool?

In some instances, you will require a fence around your above ground pool.

The QBCC defines the requirement for a pool fence as, “the minimum height from finished ground level to the top of the barrier is 1200mm”.

How much does an above ground pool cost?

On the Gold Coast and Northern NSW an above ground pool cost can vary. The price will be dependent on the size, shape, style, and structural requirements. Bali Pools can provide you with an obligation free quote on your above ground pool so you can make an informed decision based on the cost, features, and benefits.

If you are not sure on how to make the most of your slopping block, now is a good time to consider an above ground pool. Contact Bali Pools Gold Coast for an obligation free on-site inspection, measure, and quote.

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