Swimming Pool Designs Gold Coast

Outdoor pools conjure images of barbecue parties, fun in the sun, and a relaxing float with kids and family on a hot summer day. In addition, with the right swimming pool design, backyard pools can also be the ultimate complementary accessory to your home.

At Bali Pools we are a team of highly specialised and experienced pool professionals that specialise in new pool construction as well as repairs and renovations. Serving clients on the Gold Coast down to the Northern Rivers in NSW.      

We offer numerous swimming pool design options for clients to choose for custom pool constructions.

Swimming Pool Design Gold Coast
3D Pool Designs Gold Coast
Swimming Pool 3D Design Northern Rivers

One of the features that sets Bali Pools apart from others: 3D Design Technology

We use the latest 3D Design technology to create customised swimming pool 3D design presentations with animation and sound effects.

Our 3D virtual model helps clients to easily observe the final product in detail. You virtually walk through your new pool so you can have a detailed overview of the final product and make any modifications you see fit.

You’ll feel as though you’re in your own backyard instead of just looking at a picture!

It also helps us carry out construction projects quicker since all the work to be done is tabled through the designs, vetted and approved.  

No matter what type of pool design you are after, the following pool designs are guaranteed to cause a splash.

There are usually three types: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. Of the three, concrete is the most versatile, and most accommodating. With concrete, the only limitations are your budget and imagination.

Types of Pool Designs

Classic Rectangular lap pools

If you own a traditional luxurious home, having a classic rectangular lap pool built is highly recommended as these pools tend to blend very well with the architecture. Additionally, if you want more out of your pool than just a place to while the day away, a lap pool is an excellent option that can accommodate swimming as an exercise.  

Free form pools

These are pools that do not follow the rules of geometry. They can take any form the client envisions. While they can be built to match any surrounding, they are ideally suited for homeowners with asymmetrical property that has an irregular space for a pool.  

Geometric pools

These are pools characterised by triangles, rectangles, squares and other mathematical shapes. Generally, geometric pools can add splendor to virtually any environment. However, the edgy shapes are ideally suited for modern or contemporary properties.

Infinity pools

Also known as vanishing edge pools, these are pools built to simulate an illusion of water flowing over the pool edges and vanishing into obscurity. The effect is a combination of both math and science. Homes that border spectacular scenery like mountains, or a river, or are surrounded by natural lushness like palm tree groves or wooded glens are the best candidates to capture this dramatic effect.

Kidney shaped pools

These are swimming pools built to resemble a kidney layout. They give off a soft retro aura that complements many architectural designs.   

Plunge pools

These are small pools, normally filled with cold water meant for therapeutic purposes. Plunge pools are usually used for cooling off after a long hot day, or after a spa or sauna session. They are generally larger than spas but less than conventional pools.  

Custom designed pools

This is where your imagination can run wild, to create the desired pool or cater for the difficult slopping, narrow or unusually shaped area available for a pool.

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